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The Music Room

Hello, and welcome to the music room of the Carnovasch Mansion. It is 
here that you can find the lyrics to a few songs...and hopefully the
MIDIs, eventually. 
Of course, copyrights continue on here, and I don't own any of the
music in here, unless there's an asterisk <*> beside it. Good luck 
finding what your are seeking, whatever it may be. 

spirits reside within these walls
 Wandering around this small room, you briefly let your fingers fall 
upon the polished mahogany shelves, lined with dusty leatherbound
volumes of music. Out of nowhere, you hear a piano playing softly,
"Immortality." You search the room carefully, but to no avail. You 
lean against one of the wooden panels along the wall, and suddenly you 
find yourself banging your head on something cold and hard. The music 
is much louder now, and, with your head throbbing with pain, you turn 
around to look.
 Behind you is a piano, among other instruments, dusty and cobwebbed
from disuse. You peer warily over the dirty surface, half expecting
to find someone playing it. To your surprise, the keys are moving by 
themselves. Shocked, you yank back out into the light of the main room.
All around you, music plays-and not just the piano. The harp near the
entrance is merrily playing, and sseveral of the instruments hung on
the walls blare notes also. You back slowly out of the room and into the
silent halllway of the mansion. The music stops, the lights turn off, 
and the door shuts quietly behind you, leaving you in the middle of the
hallway. Alone.