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Welcome to the Tundra Bastille!

 As you enter through the dark wooden door, your senses are assualted 
by a variety of images and sounds. You can almost hear the creak of 
floorboards, and smell the blood that stains the walls.
 To your right, you see a large, ornately carved bronze door decorated
with lights that still glow strongly, despite the wear of the centuries.
You press your ear to the door, and can faintly hear the sound of people
clapping. You try the knob, but in vain-it's locked, and has obviously
been so for quite a while, due to the rust gathering on the iron. Throwing
your hands up, you venture further into the large room.
 Directly in front of you are a stairwell, ascending up into darkness,
and a set of doors. One is a stone opening, with nothing between them-
even the hings have rusted away-and an odd little door. Several doorframes
descend into the walls before reaching a shining bronze door, which also
happens to be locked. Giving up, you wander 
The stone archway
Up the stairs

souls have passed through these halls

Vampiress Kimera

Future Blood Donors of America!

My friend Spike's own lil' piece of Hell!: Spike=weird-need I say more?? *lol*
My very good friend and colleague, Purgatori!: UNDER CONSTRUCTION
The Bastille Gallery is now up and running!: Chaos! Comics pics, as well as a few stories to come!